Professional Standards for Architects

Image credit: The ISPY Academy

Image credit: The ISPY Academy

Professional Standards

The architectural profession in the UK is regulated by the Architects Registration Board (ARB).

Parliament established the ARB in 1997, hence the term, ‘The Architects Act 1997’ (The Act). The ARB is an independent, public interest body that ensures that both the profession, and the general public, are held to, and maintain, good standards within the profession.

Section 13 of the Act specifically requires the Architects Registration Board to issue a Code laying down the standards of professional conduct and practice expected of persons registered as architects under the Act

Once architecture students completes their professional exams, in order to practice and call themselves architects they will need to register with the ARB who keep a register of architects.

If they also happen to register to be RIBA Chartered, they will also be obliged to comply with the RIBA Code of Conduct. 

The RIBA Code and its accompanying Guidance Notes set out and explain the standards of professional conduct and practice that the RIBA requires of its members. It’s code comprises :

  • Three principles of professional conduct

  • Professional values that support those principles

  • Guidance Notes which explain how the principles can be upheld…