Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

The Architects Registration Board requires all architects to carry PII – it is the most important area of insurance cover for all architects. Failure to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance cover will leave the architect potentially open to extreme liabilities.

PII cover is essential to protecting an architect in case of allegations of professional negligence and litigation expenses, which are often complex and sometimes traumatic. It is in the interest of both the client and the architect, that PII protection against liability incurred in practice or business related to architecture is in place. It ensures that there are enough funds to compensate the client if the architect is found to have been professionally negligent.

When an Architect is an employee of a practice, it is the practice, not the individual that has to take out PII. When an architect chooses to start their own business or operate individually, they are responsible for obtaining PII for themselves. Specialist advice should always be sought...

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