What are Building Regulations

Image credits: architecture.com

Image credits: architecture.com

The building regulations are statutory mechanisms that seek to ensure that the policies set out in the relevant legislation are carried out for the health and safety of building occupants. These include standards relating to the conservation of fuel and power (energy efficiency) and accessibility.

In essence they are a set of minimum technical standards that dictate how a building should be built to ensure a good quality of comfort/life for end-users. The technical standards range from spatial design to construction standards. They include space standards (i.e. certain rooms are to be certain sizes to ensure most people can use them comfortably) and they prescribe minimum sound insulation standards between units (i.e. to ensure that each person has certain comfort levels).

An architect will often produce a set of building regulations information packages that include drawings, building regulation reports or statements, and typical details for submission to either the local authority’s building regulation department (public), or an approved inspector (private).

Building regulations apply to almost all buildings and are relevant for almost all building work…