Navigating the Planning System

Image credits: HTA Design LLP

Image credits: HTA Design LLP

The planning system has been put in place to manage the development of land and buildings in the interests of the public and the economy. It plays a role in clarifying what, where and when development is needed.

Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) are responsible for deciding whether a development can go ahead. They are responsible for preserving heritage and improving on the infrastructure that allows for good civilised living.

Other key decision makers include:

  • Local councillors

  • The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government

  • The Planning Inspectorate

The planning officer is often the most visible face of the planning system, and is seen as the go-between who maintains a balance between those seeking to undertake development and the public interest.

The Planning Portal and Planning Practice Guidance websites house a vast amount of information related to planning legislation, building regulations, and general advice on planning requirements for proposed developments…